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Planned Gift Chart:
Understand your Planned Giving Options.

Get the Planned Gift Chart document that will help you create the plan which will meet your needs.

Click here for the planned gift chart.
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Change Canada Charitable Foundation

PLANNED GIFTS are very powerful tools for making charitable donations that will help build Change Canada's National Endowment Fund.  Every planned gift the Foundation receives helps it invest even more money in charitable actions across the country.  Planned gifts can also help you reduce the amount of tax you pay, sometimes very dramatically.

Your planned gift or gifts to Change Canada can take many forms including one or more of the following:

  • a bequest to Change Canada in your will
  • life insurance policies
  • gift plus annuities
  • charitable remainder trusts
  • gifts of publicly traded stocks and mutual funds
  • gifts of residual interest and real estate
  • gifts of art or other valuable property

Your planned gift to Change Canada is easy to arrange and offers many advantages including:

  • Current and future income tax deductions
  • Estate income tax reductions and planning benefits
  • A lifetime income for you and/or your spouse
  • The satisfaction of knowing that your gift will help people from sea to sea to sea across this country.
  • More funds left in your estate
  • The opportunity to have your love for Canada live well beyond your lifetime.

Get the Planned Gift Chart to assist you with your plan.

If you intend to make a Planned Gift to the Foundation it is essential that you, as well as your lawyers use our legal name in all of the documentation and correspondence related to this gift.  Make sure you always refer to us as:

Charitable number: BN 87396-8572-RR0001

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