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Change Canada Charitable Foundation

The Change Canada Charitable Foundation's raison d'Ítre is to provide the country's charities with new sources of funding. 

  • The Foundationís focus on small and medium sized charities especially for those charities located in the rural and remote parts of Canada helps democratize philanthropy by ensure you as a donor can support charitable actions that always struggle for recognition and funding. This focus helps democratize philanthropy by ensuring that small and medium size charities can access new sources of funding that will be transformational in nature.
  • Ensuring that the smaller and medium sized communities across Canada receive an increase in funding to support the excellent work being done.  Experience has shown us that the farther away from the countries major centres the charity is, the tougher it is to get the funding required.
  • Providing funding for charitable projects in four areas including public education, the environment, youth and seniors as well health/social service issues.

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