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Change Canada Charitable Foundation

Change Canada offers a number of special donor services.  Individuals, companies, financial and estate planning advisors as well as tax specialists, can use these services preserve as well as enhance the values of their estates.  These special services include:

The Creation of Donor Advised Funds:
The Foundation can establish and operate donor advised funds on behalf of the donor.  Individuals generally create these types of funds, although companies can set them up as well.  By creating a donor advised fund the individual or company helps Change Canada build new charitable capacity while remaining involved in the disbursement of donations.  Another major benefit is the donor does not have to worry about the day-to-day administration challenges associated with philanthropic giving. Change Canada Charitable Foundation

Concierge Philanthropy:
Change Canada provides a spectrum of services to companies as well as financial, tax and estate planning advisors who manage the assets for individual Canadians and Canadian families.  The Foundation's Concierge Service provides professional advice designed to help individuals or families integrate their interests in philanthropy with their annual financial planning program.  This service is specifically tailored to help individuals make more informed decisions to maximize their donation's impact on charitable projects across the country. Change Canada Charitable Foundation

Co-Managed Endowment Funds:
There are many many charities in this country that have smaller endowments that could generate far larger returns if they were part of a larger capital fund.  By providing a program that enables other charity's endowment funds to be co-operatively managed Change Canada has created a number of benefits and efficiencies for smaller organizations.  These include:
  • Higher returns on their investment because the management fees are lower and the return on the investment much higher.
  • The charity still has control over the disbursement of the funds annual earned revenues however they don't have to deal with the day-to-day management issues or costs.
  • The charity can resume managing their endowment at any time so they don't relinquish control over the funds.
  • The charity can demonstrate tremendous prudence in how it manages and invests its donors' funds, which can help them, generate additional donations.

To find out more about the Foundation's Special Donors Services and how they can help you make a difference with your philanthropy contacts us at 1-416-596-1799.

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