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Whether you are a hungry child in Canada or North Korea or in Darfur Africa, one thing is very clear: all are north of the equator and therefore another winter season is rapidly approaching so the need for highly nutritious food will become even more pressing.

Click here to read the September 2004 Change Canada Newsletter


It took us only thirty seconds to cross the frozen Tumen River into North Korea (N.K.) from northeast China on Tuesday afternoon, March 9th. In those thirty seconds, Philip Schatz (General Manager of the Global Relief Fund) and I were transported back in time. Upon entering N.K. to confirm delivery of the food that many readers of this newsletter donated to the Change Canada Charitable Foundation, we left the heated buildings, and modern highways of China behind, planting ourselves in a van on a principal roadway that would have challenged the skills of even the most intrepid Canadian SUV drivers.

Click here to read the May 2004 Change Canada Newsletter

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